About 15 min. from ROHM by car
Imagine sunlight descending through a veil of light-pink cherry blossoms, and the feeling of a gentle breeze as it plays upon the surface of the river –
A famous place of scenic beauty, the cherry trees at Arashiyama are in full bloom in the spring. Even the expressions of the people leisurely crossing back and forth on the Togetsu Bridge reflect the peaceful atmosphere here.
Here you will find the graceful Togetsu Bridge across the Katsura River at the foot of the gently sloping ridgeline of Mt. Arashiyama to the south. This famous tourist destination represents Kyoto not only for its fabulous cherry blossoms, but also for the magnificent red and yellow leaves of autumn that never fail to fascinate visitors.
Originally, Arashiyama was the place name for the south bank of the Katsura River but it soon came to include the north bank as well for its many famous tourist destinations. Now, Arashiyama refers to the whole area around the Togetsu Bridge, including the Saga district.
Arashiyama is located in the western part of Kyoto, to the northwest of ROHM, and it has a long and honorable history dating back to when it was the site for country villas owned by the nobles of the Heian Period. A stroll around Arashiyama is especially pleasant during the spring season when nature vibrantly accompanies the historical atmosphere of Kyoto.

Note: Upstream from the Togetsu Bridge, the river is known as the Oi River (Oigawa in Japanese). Downstream, it is known as the Katsura River (Katsuragawa). In the Kameoka and Kyoto basins, the river is known as the Hodzu River (Hodzugawa).
the Togetsu Bridge
Map of Arashiyama area

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