Arashiyama - the perfect example of Kyoto as the symbol of an environment-friendly city
   The Togetsu Bridge stretching across the Katsura River is a symbol of Arashiyama and the starting point for most of the walking paths around the area. Extending 250 meters, this bridge was first built in 836 AD by a monk named Dosho, a student of the famous monk Kukai. It is thought that the current Togetsu Bridge was constructed in 1606, at its present location, by Suminokura Ryoi, a wealthy merchant and civil engineer. Now, there are red, green and yellow LED lights embedded in the sidewalk on the bridge, which provide a soft alluring light for walks across the bridge at night. Inspired by the Kyoto Protocol, these lights are powered by a small hydroelectric power generator at the Katsura River, and they always leave a deep impression on tourists from around the world.
The Togetsu Bridge
The Togetsu Bridge   The Togetsu Bridge   The Togetsu Bridge

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