A Ceremony Held Under the Stars, Lit by Paper Lanterns in Gion

Dedication ceremonies are usually held at Buden Hall, but it can also be the setting for wedding ceremonies. The lovely glow of festival lanterns which line the quaint streets of Hanamachi illuminate not only the restaurants and geisha houses but occasionally provide the backdrop for night weddings. To complement the scenic glow of the starlight in the skies above, the 281 incandescent light bulbs of Buden Hall were replaced by more eco-friendly LEDs in 2009. The lifespan of these LEDs is about 25,000 hours which is equivalent to about 16 incandescent light bulbs, and the energy consumed is comparatively reduced to about one-tenth, representing a decrease in carbon dioxide of about 13 tons per year. There are still about 1,000 light bulbs in use at Yasaka Shrine and its related facilities, but these will all eventually be replaced by LEDs.

Buden Hall
Buden Hall
Buden Hall   Buden Hall   Night Wedding
        Night Wedding
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