Conducted on the 21st of every month, a day related to Kobo Daishi
  On the 21st of every month, a "Mieku" ceremony is held at the Miedo Hall, commemorating the day Kobo Daishi died. In the Edo Period, many people came to participate in the ceremony, and a street market called "Kobo San" or "Toji Kobo Ichi" became popular. In the beginning there were only tea shops, but gradually shops began to sell rice dumplings, firewood and charcoal, pots and kettles and other ordinary items. Now, on the 21st of every month, there are more than 1,000 stalls all lined up selling antiques and pottery, etc. attracting more than 100,000 visitors. In addition, there is an antique fair held on the first Sunday of every month. Now Kobo San is an everyday part of the atmosphere of Kyoto and especially on the 21st of December (the last day of the year commemorating Kobo Daishi) when the Shimai Kobo Market is held, there are large crowds of people who come from all parts of the country to participate.  
Miedo Hall (Daishido Hall)   Kobo Market   Kobo Market
Miedo Hall (Daishido Hall)   Kobo Market   Kobo Market
Kobo Market

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