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Design Method of PWM AC/DC Flyback Converters

Want are Isolated Flyhback Convertors?

Before proceeding with the design process, we need to confirm the fundamentals of the isolated flyback converter.

As shown in the following outline, we will discuss switching AC/DC conversions, the characteristics of a flyback converter, its operation and snubber, and continuous and discontinuous modes. A solid understanding of these concepts is a prerequisite for the design process.

<Design Method of PWM Type AC/DC Flyback Converters>

  • 1. Isolated Flyback Converter Basics
    • Switching AC/DC Conversion
    • Flyback converter: Characteristics
    • Flyback converter: Operation and Snubber
    • Continuous & Discontinuous Modes
  • 2. Design Procedure
  • 3. Determining Power Supply Specifications
  • 4. Choosing an IC for Design
  • 5. Designing Isolated Flyback Converter Circuits
    • Transformer Design (Calculating numerical values)
    • Transformer Design (Structural design) - 1
    • Transformer Design (Structural design) - 2
    • Selecting Critical Components – MOSFET related - 1
    • Selecting Critical Components – MOSFET related - 2
    • Selecting Critical Components – CIN and Snubber
    • Selecting Critical Components – Output Rectifier and Cout
    • Selecting Critical Components – IC VCC related
    • Selecting Critical Components – Setting up an IC, and Miscellaneous
    • Addressing EM and Output Noise
  • 6. Example Board Layout
  • 7. Summary

Power Supply Design Technical Materials Free Download

Power Supply Design Technical Materials Free Download

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