The Rohm Music Foundation Aims to
Promote Cultural Enrichment through Music

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About us


Our foundation aims to contribute to the dissemination and development of the Japanese
musical culture through the implementation of and financial support for music activities,
and the provision of scholarships for music students.

Detail of Operation

  • 1. Organizing music concerts and providing financial support for music activities
  • 2. Providing scholarships for both Japanese music students studying in Japan or abroad and overseas music students studying in Japan
  • 3.Collecting, investigating and analyzing material related to music
  • 4. Supporting overseas music research

Outline of the foundation

  • 1. Date of establishmentFebruary 19, 1991
  • 2. Basic assetsBank deposits ¥3,650 million 8,000,000 shares of ROHM CO., LTD. Stock (Market capitalization ¥55,200 million)
  • 3. Specified assetsBank deposits ¥2,331 million

Million yen, rounded down to the nearest million yen

Rohm Music Foundation was authorized to transfer to a public interest incorporated foundation by the Prime Minister on September 1, 2010.

Accumulated total of project, administrative and other expenditures from FY1990 (foundation) to FY2019 (EST.)

Details Number of time and events Amount
Project expenditure (A)   13,709,168
1.Development of music culture ~ Education of musicians ~   9,256,159
scholarships   2,861,819
Holding Rohm Music Foundation Scholarship Concerts 22times 76,885
Overseas Music Research Support   539,900
Holding Rohm Music Foundation Music Seminars 28times 814,130
Holding Rohm Music Seminar 1times 25,000
Holding Kyoto International Music Students Festival/td> 27times 1,736,481
Sponsoring for "Seiji Ozawa Music Academy" 47times 3,201,941
2.Promotion of music culture ~Expansion of audiences~   4,453,008
Holding of Rohm Music Festival 4times 414,680
Holding Rohm Music Foundation Friends Concert 2times 35,456
Implementing the Project in Music Salon in ROHM Theatre Kyoto   224,043
Financial Support for Music Activities 2,209activities 1,848,524
Financial support for orchestra concerts and CD release 63activities 423,475
Financial Support for CD Release of Foreign Orchestra Performance by Japanese Conductor 5activities 139,407
Financial support for concerts featuring works by Japanese composers 18activities 72,700
Financial support for concerts to support the earthquake-affected areas 27activities 116,629
Financial Support for New National Theatre’s Opera Appreciation Class for High School Students 24activities 378,000
Financial Support for the Kobaken World Concert of Japan Philharmonic Orchestra 32activities 131,250
Financial support for Japan Philharmonic Orchestra Summer Family Concert, Education Program 7activities 99,340
Publication of Music Information: Rohm Classic Science on Media 14activities 198,451
Release of ROHM Music Foundation CD reproduction series from SP records and explanatory DVDs 6activities 221,227
Others   149,822
Administrative and other expenditures (B)   1,623,044
Total (A) + (B)   15,332,212

Thousand yen, rounded down to the nearest thousand yen.

Directors, Trustee, Advisors, Members of Selection Committee


  • ChairmanAkitaka Idei
    Former Director,Member of the Board ROHM CO.,LTD.
  • Managing DirectorKeizo Ueda
    Former Advisor Office of the President ROHM CO.,LTD.
  • DirectorNobuhiro Doi
    President, Chairman of the Board The Bank of Kyoto, Ltd.
  • Isao Matsumoto
    President,Chief Executive Officer ROHM CO., LTD.
  • Yukitoshi Kimura
    Former Commissioner of the National Tax Agency, Board Chairman Zaikyo
  • Koichi Nishioka
    Journalist Director, Member of the Board ROHM CO., LTD.
  • Seiji Ozawa
  • Yasuhito Tamaki
    Lawyer Midosuji Legal Profession Corporation
  • Mazumi Tanamura
    Guest Professor Tokyo College of Music, Specially Appointed Principal Violist Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra
  • Shunichi Uchida
    Former Commissioner of the Consumer Affairs Agency, President Kyoto International Conference Center
  • Yasunori Yamauchi
    President and Editor in Chief The Kyoto Shimbun Newspaper Co., Ltd.
  • Hiroaki Yoshihara
    Former KPMG International Vice Chairman, Member of the Board, Hitachi Ltd.
  • AuditorKiyotaka Kawasaki
    Lawyer Midosuji Legal Profession Corporation
  • Takao Kitabata
    Former Vice-Minister of the Economy, President, KAISHI Professional University

(Alphabetical order)<as of June 16, 2022>


  • TrusteeBin Ebisawa
    Honorary Professor Kunitachi College of Music, President Japan Mozart Research Institute
  • Katsumi AzumaDirector, Member of the Board Senior Managing Executive Officer ROHM CO., LTD.
  • Keiji Yamada
    Former Governor Kyoto Prefecture, Chairman Kyoto Culture Foundation
  • Kenichiro Kobayashi
    Honorary Professor Tokyo University of Arts, Conductor
  • Masahiko Yamazaki
    Director, Member of the Board Senior Corporate Officer ROHM CO., LTD.
  • Miyako Araki
    Former Director Japan Broadcasting Corporation Kyoto Station
  • Nagahiro Minato
    President Kyoto University
  • Seiichi Kondo
    Former Commissioner of the Agency for Cultural Affairs, President Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra
  • Susumu Taniguchi
    Former Advisor Cultural Affairs Division ROHM CO.,LTD.
  • Takayoshi Nakamura
    Chairman of the Board of Directors Osaka College of Music, Professor Emeritus Osaka College of Music
  • Yoshifumi Tsutsumi
    Certified Public Accountant

(Alphabetical order)<as of June 16, 2022>


  • AdvisorTakaharu DohiLawyer Former Prosecutor-General

<as of June 16, 2022>

Members of Selection Committee

  • ChairmanKyoko Shikata
    (Violin) Professor Kyoto City University of Arts
  • Vice ChairmanKayo Miki
    (Piano) Professor Kunitachi College of Music
  • MemberShigeru Fujita
    (Musicology) Professor Tokyo College of Music
  • Hideto Ihara
    (Vocal Music) Professor Doshisha Women’s College of Liberal Arts
  • Seiji Kageyama
    (Violin) Professor Toho Gakuen School of Music
  • Hiromasa Kimura
    (Euphonium) Professor Osaka College of Music
  • Kunitaka Kokaji
    (Musical Composition) Professor Tokyo University of the Arts
  • Kenji Matsumoto
    (Clarinet) Professor Senzoku Gakuen College of Music
  • Tsuyoshi Mihara
    (Vocal Music) Professor Osaka University of Arts
  • Atsuko Okada
    (Piano) Professor Tokyo College of Music
  • Satoshi Shigematsu
    (Piano) Professor Musasino Academia Musicae

(Alphabetical order)<as of March 31, 2022>

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