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Kyoto International Music Students Festival/The Foundation organizes the Kyoto International Music Students Festival for music students from around the world. The festival's purpose is to promote the education of musicians and international exchange.

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The Kyoto International Music Students Festival 2016

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Number of Festivals Period Number of Participants Vanue
1~25 1993~2017 Overseas Participants  541
Japanese Participants 2,261
Kyotofuritsu Fumin Hall"ALTI"



The Music Seminars/The Foundation organizes music seminars aimed at nurturing the next generation of musicians.

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Number of
Students Period Subjects
1~8 1992~1996 154 Stringed instruments:Violin,Viola,
9~13 1998~2002 149 Wind instruments:Flute,Oboe,Clarinet,Horn,Bassoon(Fagotto)
14~20 2003~2005,
61 Conductor


Activities of Young Musicians
  Shirabe Aoki Kaoru Namba Keiko Mitsuhashi

Rohm Music Foundation, Music Seminar Member´s Chamber Music Concert 2006

A concert performed by musicians who have attended past music seminars (String and Wind)
Subject Form a chamber ensemble and chamber orchestra consisting primarily of currently active musicians who have participated in the music seminars held since 1992.The purpose is to proride opportunities for their further musical growth via concert performances.
Date PART1  2006 February 11 (Sat.) 14:00
PART2  2006 February 12 (Sun.) 14:00
Instructors Sigenori Kudo (Flute) Flutist, Professor at Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris
Tomotada Soh (Violin) Violinist, Professor at Royal Academy of Music and
Osaka college of music
Toru Yasunaga (Violin) Violinist, Leader of First Violin at Berliner Philharmoniker
Violin* Shirabe Aoki, Yuka Akamatsu, Yoshitaka Hirooka, Mutsuko Imai, Eriko Iso,Nobuko Kaiwa, Etsuko Kimura, Tamaki Kobayashi, Madoka Sato, Madoka Suzuki, Kyoko Nakahara, Yuko Yasui, Toru Yasunaga (Instructor)
Viola* Mina Fukazawa, Rie Kanaya, Yayoi Sugioka, Minako Uno
Cello* Ichiro Hasebe, Yumiko Kanai, Mikiko Mimori, Naoko Tsumori
Contrabass Naohiro Nasuno, Reo Watanabe
Flute* Sigenori Kudo (Instructor) , Kaoru Nanba, Anna Yoshida
Oboe* Natsuki Hashimoto, Akiko Kudo
Clarinet* Yuki Hamasaki, Naoko Kotaniguchi
Bassoon* Yoko Kitagawa, Rie Miki
Horn* Tsuyoshi Izumi, Motoaki Yoshino
Trumpet Tomoyuki Hasegawa, Eiji Yamamoto
Timpani Naomi Yasuda
Piano Ayumi Ichino, Takashi Niigaki
*Violin, Viola, Cello, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, Horn players are Music Seminar Members


Recital / Chamber Music Assistance:Recital / Chamber Music
  Assistance:Recitals / Chamber Music

Orchestras / Operas / Others Assistance:Orchestras / Operas / Others
  Assistance:Orchestras / Operas / Others

Assistance/The Foundation facilitates academic progress in the study of music by financing research.


The Association for International Exchange of Japanese Music
The Japanese Music Multimedia Database

The Association for International Exchange of Japanese Music was established in 1988 to make Japanese traditional music, classical pieces to modern compositions, accessible to international music lovers all over the world. As one of its activities, the association created "the Japanese Music Multimedia Database", which contains information on approximately 4,600 pieces of Japan's traditional music for koto, shamisen or shakuhachi. It is accessible through the website of the association.
This database is unique in its coverage of wide range of Japan's traditional music and there are no other database of this kind. It is now used by those engaged in research, education, performance of traditional music, as well as those who love Japan's traditional music. HP URL


Shigeru Sato
CD Recording for propaganda the NHK Electronic Music production technique.

We have produced the seventh and eighth volumes of CD Series for NHK Electronic Music Research, "Oto no Ongen wo Motomete (in Search of Original Sources of Sound)." Because many of the CD works produces so far contain music of indeterminacy using an analog technique, it is impossible to reproduce them.The analog technique was ended up to this point and transferred to a digital synthesizer technique thereafter. The work in the analog days attracted many people. During the 2009 music festival, "Summer in Tokyo" an electronic music concert was held by using this CD Series as materials. On the other hand, the CD Series have been distributed to music research rooms of many universities such as Tokyo University of the Arts and Osaka University of Arts in addition to NHK and used as research materials. We have been gradually accomplishing the objective of the production. We will study on the production of the CD Series in English ,aiming to introduce them to other countries in the future.


Works by Joji Yuasa 2

Joji Yuasa has been dedicated himself to the music composition activities for the exploration of new musical experience unflaggingly from his Jikken Kobo (Experimental Workshop)days to this day. This CD includes his orchestral works composed between 1975 and 2005;‘Time of Orchestral Time',‘Cosmic Solitude’,‘Chronoplastic Ⅱ’,‘Cosmos Haptic Ⅴ’,and ‘Eye on Genesis Ⅲ’. The title piece of ‘Time of Orchestral Time' was composed at the request of the Koussevitzky Music Foundation in 1972; especially for the third movement of the piece in this CD the precious sound source from the premiere performance conducted by Michael Gielen has been employed.

The 47th
Record Academy Awards in 2009


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