Information about the Foundation


Our foundation aims to contribute to the dissemination and development of the Japanese musical culture through the implementation of and financial support for music activities, and the provision of scholarships for music students.

Outline of the Foundation

1. Date of establishment/ February 19,1991
2. Basic assets
Public and corporate bonds and Bank deposits 3,650 million
8,000,000 shares of ROHM CO., LTD. Stock (Market capitalization 59,200 million)
3. Revenue fund for charitable purpose projects
Public and corporate bonds and Bank deposits 347 million
4. Reserve for expanding music activities support
5. Reserve for the foundation's anniversary event
Public and corporate bonds and Bank deposits 945 million
Million yen, rounded down to the nearest million yen <As of Mar. 31, 2017>
Rohm Music Foundation was authorized to transfer to a public interest incorporated foundation by the Prime Minister on September 1, 2010.

Accumulated total of project, administrative and other expenditures from FY1990 (foundation) to FY2017 (EST.)
(Unit: ¥1,000)
Details Number of times, events and participants Amount
Project expenditure (A) 11,579,781
1. Development of music culture ~ Education of musicians ~ 7,750,790

scholarships scholarship students: 444 students 2,625,226
Holding Rohm Music Foundation Scholarship Concerts 15 concerts 36,251
Overseas Music Research Support Overseas Music Research students: 64 students 539,900
Holding Rohm Music Foundation Music Seminars 26 seminars Total 475 attendances 739,485
Holding Kyoto International Music Students Festival 25 festivals Total 2,802 student performers 1,512,479
Sponsoring for "Seiji Ozawa Music Academy" 35 concerts Total 1,240 academy members 2,297,448
2. Promotion of music culture ~ Expansion of audiences ~ 3,828,991
  Holding of Rohm Music Festival 2 festivals 189,709
Holding Rohm Music Foundation Friends Concert 2 concerts 35,456
Implementing the project in Music Salon in ROHM Theatre Kyoto 102,810
Financial Support for Music Activities 2,037 activities 1,738,739
Financial support for orchestra concerts and CD release 63 activities 423,475
Financial Support for CD Release of Foreign Orchestra Performance by Japanese Conductor 5 activities 139,407
Financial support for concerts featuring works by Japanese composers 18 activities 72,700
Financial support for concerts to support the earthquake-affected areas 27 activities 116,629
Financial Support for New National Theatre’s Opera Appreciation Class for High School Students 20 activities 312,000
Financial Support for the Kobaken World Concert of Japan Philharmonic Orchestra 25 activities 101,550
Financial support for Japan Philharmonic Orchestra Summer Family Concert, Education Program 3 activities 45,500
Publication of Music Information: Rohm Classic Science on Media 12 activities 179,963
Release of ROHM Music Foundation CD reproduction series from SP records and explanatory DVDs 6 activities 221,227
Others 149,822
Administrative and other expenditures (B) 1,516,460
Total (A) + (B) 13,096,242

Thousand yen, rounded down to the nearest thousand yen.

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