The Rohm Music Foundation Aims to
Promote Cultural Enrichment through Music

HOMEPromotion of Music Culture

Promotion of Music Culture~Expansion of Audiences~

We hold and support many concerts, and conduct and release music researches in order to bring music closer to everyone.
Through our promotion of music culture, we at Rohm Music Foundation strive to contribute to realization of better society.

ROHM Music Festival

< Since FY2016~ >
Through a variety of our business activities aiming at enhancing the learning environment for young musicians,
a number of the musicians participated in our projects currently play active roles at home and around as "Rohm Music Friends".
For the purpose of promoting music culture, we have been holding festivals for concerts performed by Rohm Music Friends and students from schools located in Kansai area in ROHM Theatre Kyoto since 2016.

© Tatsuo Sasaki

Music Salon [ROHM Theatre Kyoto]

< Since FY2015~ > As a versatile space that allows visitors to interact with music in a variety of ways, we runs together with Kyoto City Music Art Cultural Promoting Foundation to provide a room for viewing/listening of videos and sounds of operas, orchestras and other performances and events (concerts, seminars, exhibitions, etc.)

Interior appearance

From Sep. 12 to Nov. 30, 2017 KNOCKING ON THE DOOR, OPERA EXHIBITION 2017


From Jan. 23 to Mar. 31, 2018 Seiji Ozawa Music Academy exhibition


Jul. 30, 2017 Talk & Concert: What kind of instrument is Viola?


Sep. 10, 2017 Talk & Concert: Clarinet to you ~ from Mozart to Gershwin ~


Jan. 13, 2018 Talk & Concert: Singing contrabass

© Tatsuo Sasaki